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Elevate your furry friend's style game with our innovative Over The Collar Bandanas! These playful accessories are specially designed to slide effortlessly onto your dog's collar, ensuring comfort and safety while keeping their neck free from added bulk. Not only does this design choice prioritize your pet's well-being, but it also helps you save money by allowing you to effortlessly transform their existing collar into a fashionable statement piece.


Our Over The Collar Bandanas are more than just stylish; they're customizable too! For an additional $2, you can personalize them with your pet's name, a favorite saying, or a single-color image. Just shoot us a message, and we'll work together to bring your unique vision to life. With our bandanas, you can easily switch up your pup's look to suit any occasion, making every outing an opportunity for them to shine. Upgrade your dog's wardrobe and show off their personality with our versatile and customizable Over The Collar Bandanas today!


**upon request the X-Large size can be made large enough to fit a 2" wide collar that is sported by some large and giant breed dogs depending on availability of material**



Small - ideal for small and toy size dogs and cats

Medium - ideal for small and medium dogs

Large - ideal for medium and large dogs

X-Large - ideal for large and giant dogs

Over The Collar Bandana - Let It Snow

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