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Dog Services

We do not have any restrictions based on breed or size of dogs. Appropriate safety measures will be taken from the smallest to the largest.

We do not have age or medical restrictions, however we do have a medicine administration form that is required when medication administration is required.
                                                                               Drop-In Visits
                                                      One dog for $30     Two dogs for $50     Additional dogs are $10/each
                                                                A free meet and greet is provided prior to the first visit
                                                                    Nail trim's can be added to a visit for $10/dog
                                                     Price is for a 30-45 minute visit, to increase the visit to one hour add 50%

          This in home care includes feeding meals as needed, playing, training (if needed), medication administration, etc.
                                                                    Single Bookings: One Dog for $25     Two dogs for $40
                                                                 Reoccurring bookings: One Dog for $20    Two dogs for $30
                                                  Walks are 30 minutes long and take place in the clients neighborhood.
                           Reoccurring walks are scheduled for a minimum of once a week and are billed at the end of each month.  

Walks are done with fixed leashes and long lines, flex/retracting leashes will not be used (I provide a long line, and if needed I can provide a fixed leash). I provide treats for walks to reinforce good manners as well as poop bags to clean up after your dog(s).

Three different types of walks are offered;
1. Fitness walk (brisk pace with goal of covering more ground).
2. Training walk (work on leash manners and other issues your dog may be working on), distance varies.
3. Decompression walk/Brain walk (a long line is used in a safe area where the dog is allowed to safely meander and sniff around at their own pace and leisure). 
                                                              $80 per dog - 2 dog maximum (must be from same household)
                                                                                             WEEKENDS ONLY

                                                                   3 hours long ($40 for each additional hour wanted)

Option 1:  Local (leashed) hike out in nature where your dog gets to be out and have a fun time. On these outings we work on good trail manners while enjoying the wonderful outdoors and letting your dog work its body and brain with hiking and sniffing..
Option 2: Socializing Outing where your dog is taken into pet friendly local stores and events to work on proper socialization and helping your dog to be comfortable in different settings and environments. 
                               Behavior Training & Counter Conditioning
                                                                           1.5 hour Consultation and Evaluation - $50
                                                                   1 hour training session with you and your dog - $30

With a focus on unwanted behaviors such as aggression, reactivity, counterconditioning, etc. Our focus is to help dog's and their owners live happy and fulfilled lives together. Jennie works knowing that dog training is not "one size fits all", meaning that the method used is determined by the individual dog, and all training sessions are ended on a positive note with the dogs.

For these sessions the owner is required to be present with their dog. As with all training there is no guarantee of "fixed" behavior, as that relies heavily on owner follow through. We will work with you as a team to help you have a good healthy relationship with your dog. 

The consultation is to give Jennie a full scope of the situation, talk with the owners about their needs and wants, and to leave them with tools/knowledge to help their dogs. 

Counter Conditioning for the Groomer or Vet is the ONLY time when the owner does NOT need to be present for the training, as they are often not involved in handling of the dog in these situations, however the owner is welcome to stay and learn how to work on these behaviors.
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