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                                        Livestock Services

We do not have age, medical, or special needs restrictions, however we do have a medicine administration form required to give your animal medication while under our care. We are able to give oral and injectable.
                                                                Livestock Drop-In Care
                                                                                  Individual animal care: $20 /animal 
                                                                                     $5/animal for milking
                                            +$10 for full stall cleaning (clearing out all bedding and putting fresh bedding in)
This is for animals that are in stalls or need individual care in separate paddocks. This pricing includes feeding (grain and/or water), water, light grooming, wellness checks, and stall/paddock picking/cleaning

Herd Pricing
                                                Up to 5 animals: $20     6-15 animals: $40     every 5 additional animals: $10
Herd care includes group feeding (group hay feeding and/grain), watering, and w
ellness checks.

                                                                                                   Flock Pricing                                       
                                                   Up to 10 animals: $20     11-25 animals
: $30     every 5 additional animals: $5
Flock care includes group feeding, watering, wellness checks, coop cleaning, and egg collection (to be left in a designated space).
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