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What are the benefits for my dog/cat?

Alleviates stress When a dog/cat licks, it soothes and calms them, releasing endorphins and creating a sense of safety and calm. Helping dogs/cats with anxiety or boredom. The Lickimat can distract your dog/cat during a stressful situation. This way your dog/cat will be getting plenty of happy hormones swimming to their brain, to help with the anxiety. Creates mental stimulation Lickimats provide your dog/cat with a fun and stimulating activity. A lot of dogs/cats spend most of their day sleeping, break it up by throwing a little fun with a Lickimat! For a long-lasting treat, we recommend freezing some peanut butter, plain greek yogurt, or cream cheese. Slows down eating Slowing down breakfast or dinner time is important when it comes to our dog/cat. The longer they take to eat, the better the digestion! Not only this, but it reduces the risk of bloat (in dogs). By getting your dog/cat to lick their food, it encourages more saliva which can help your dog/cat to break down their food. Supports oral health A benefit of the Lickimat that isn’t celebrated from the rooftop, is that it helps to scrape bacteria from your dog/cat’s tongue. This can result in a fresher, healthier mouth, keeping gums, tongues and teeth healthy. They can even be used as a tongue brusher, just spread somme dog/cat toothpaste on the mat.

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