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the perfect pet-friendly treat for our beloved non-meat eating companions. Herbabites offer a delightful blend of dehydrated bananas, dehydrated strawberries, and dehydrated blueberries, providing a delicious and wholesome snacking experience for your furry friends.

Crafted with love and care, Herbabites are designed to cater to the dietary preferences of your vegetarian or vegan pets. Each bite-sized morsel is a concentrated burst of fruity flavor, created through the gentle dehydration process, ensuring that your pets can enjoy the pure essence of these delectable fruits. Whether you have a herbivorous rabbit, a guinea pig, or another non-meat eating pet, Herbabites are the ideal choice to pamper them with a tasty and nutritious treat. Show your furry companions how much you care with Herbabites, where the goodness of real fruit is served in every bite.


  • At Montana’s Misfits, we want to emphasize that we are not dietary experts. Our commitment lies in providing the finest quality meat from animals designated for human consumption to ensure our beloved animal friends receive only the best. However, we believe in the importance of understanding your pets' individual chewing and eating behaviors and capabilities.

    Please take the time to be attentive to your pet's unique preferences and abilities when indulging in our treats. Each pet is distinct, and their dietary needs may vary. If you ever have any concerns or questions about your pet's well-being while enjoying our products, we strongly advise consulting with your trusted veterinarian. Their expertise will guide you in making the best choices for your cherished furry companion.

    Montana’s Misfits is devoted to delivering top-quality treats that both you and your pets can feel good about. Your pet's health and happiness are of utmost importance to us, and we are here to support you on your journey towards providing them with delicious and wholesome snacks.

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